Professional airport cable supplier

Airport lighting cable is one of our main competitive products. It is widely used for interconnecting the transformers and the current regulator of airfield lighting systems. ZMS is able to provide bespoke cable solution.


C 33-224 / C33-225

C 33-224 / C33-225 are MV cable. It is Stranded Bare or Tinned Copper Conductor, XLPE Insulation, Copper Tape Shielded Airport Lighting Cable



H07RN-F Cables are 450/750V Special Cross-linked Elastomer Insulation/EPR, Stranded Copper Conductor Airport Lighting Cable


FAA L-824 Type C Unshielded 5kV

FAA L-824 Type C Unshielded 5kV is 5kV XLPE Insuated Airport Lighting Cable


FAA L-824 Type B Shielded 5kV

FAA L-824 Type B Shielded 5kV is 5kV EPR Insulated, Copper Shielded, CPE Sheath Airport Lighting Cable.


FAA L-824 Type B Unshielded 5KV

AA L-824 Type B Unshielded 5kV is Cable of 5kV Airport Lighting Cable with XLPE Insulated or EPR Insuation, PVC/CPE Sheath.



ZMS Cable established in 1990 offers one of the most complete lines of fiber and copper cabling system solutions with over hundreds of different cabling system products. Our superior products provide leading edge within every cable series and for every application. ZMS supplies a high quality range of cables for all Airport and Airfield applications.

The guaranteed quality ensures the effective day to day performance of the airport and airfield. Among the national and international standards with which our cables could comply are: BS - British Standard; IEC Fire Performance Standard. ISO Standard etc.



Our equipment is the most advanced

Our extensive manufacturing facilities gives us significant scale and the flexibility to fulfill our customer requirements. Most of our production equipment are imported from Europe

ZMS technical department provides design and consultancy solutions that are combined with core cable manufacturing. Airport lighting cable is our advantaged products,3 main production lines and advanced manufacturing technoligy to serve the growing outsourcing needs of both multinational and regional customers.


All airport lighting cable products manufactured by ZMS are subject to the latest published cable manufacturing technology. In the past30 years, we established a stable long-term cooperation with government sectors all over the world, we successfully completed a lot of airport construction, expansion and reparing project. Our production schedule is customer oriented and we have enough capacity to deliver a certain cable product in the shortest time. High standard cable is produced strictly based on specific technical data and internation standards with a applicable warranty period 2 years, we also have an excellent technical and service team to support you in 24hous whenever you have a requirement.