PROJECT SCOPE-Adelaide Airport in Australia, demands 15km airport lighting cable for their project. The Adelaid International Airport of Australi wants to provide passengers enjoy a smooth trip through the airport by making full use of all theservices and facilities on offer. Enjoying increasing popularity are the newly furnished lounges. In addition to this there are various other facilities such as duty free shopping foreign exchange, post office and telephone, tax refunds and transportation available at the airport.

REQUIREMENT-5kV single core 6mm2 FAA L-824 Type C cable, Indoor Lighting, Outlet Power Cables,Indoor Feeder Cables, Emergency Lighting Cables,PE/Nylon primary cable.

ZMS SOLUTION-We assisted our partner to win this project and supply the airport lighting cables. The project was completed and our cables work well until now.


PROJECT SCOPE-In year of 2012, we have supported our client to bid for tender from Chinggis Khaan International Airport, for the LOT of supply large quantity of airport lighting power cable. This project is for discovering the immense potential for development in the southern part of the country, decided to build an international airport.such as duty free shopping foreign exchange, post office and telephone, tax refunds and transportation available at the airport.

REQUIREMENT-450/750V PVC Insulated, Non-sheathed Cables (single core) Cables for Open-door Button.

ZMS SOLUTION-The airport is provided with two open-air parking lots, while car parking in the terminal building. A remote parking area situated at a distance of 300m from the terminal building offers parking at cheaper prices. We support our client with best price and fully qualified document to win the contract and the cables were successfully supplied and installed. They work perfect until now. And we bid for new airport and supplied as well.


PROJECT SCOPE-Our client need 12km airport lighting cables for the project for Kuala Lumpur International Airport,this is a airport filed expansion project,which includes the passenger and cargo terminal, runway and taxiway, apron, and aerodynamic facility, is being developed on 800ha of the 2,000ha allocated land.

REQUIREMENT-5kV 1*6SQMM FAA L-824 Type B Shielded cable 18km, H07RN-F cable 28km5kV 1 * 6SQMM FAA L-824 BShielded cable 18km,H07RN-Fcable 28km

ZMS SOLUTION-We ZMS cable engineer support our partner to supply the required cable which are generally designed from conductor, insulation, shielding, composition sheath, and other parts.


PROJECT SCOPE-in year 2017, we have demand for our airport lighting cable from Ecuador. It is a repairing airfield ligting project,the airport has a runway which can handle larger aircraft, this reparing work lasting 3 months and it is supposed to be completed in before March,2018.

REQUIREMENT-5KV 1C 8sqmm FAA L-824 Type C, Stranded copper conductor, XLPE insulation, Copper tape shield, PE sheath. Total 5km.

ZMS SOLUTION-Our ZMS design centers work closely with customers to constantly improve its standard range of products and technologies and to develop customized and supplied the cable successfully and client is very pleased with our quality and finally they award new contract for same specification.