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FAA L-824 Type B Shielded 5kV

FAA L-824 Type B Shielded 5kV is 5kV EPR Insulated, Copper Shielded, CPE Sheath Airport Lighting Cable.



ZMS airport lighting cables are used for interconnecting the transformers and the current regulator of airfield lighting systems in series circuits, suitable for fixed applications such as taxiways, runways, navigational aids, and obstruction lighting, can be installed in conduit and direct burial.


FAA L-824 Type B

ICEA S-93-639 / NEMA WC74


Conductor: Stranded bare or tinned copper

Insulation: EPR

Semi-Conductor: Semi-conducting tape

Shield: Tinned copper tape

Separator: Separation tape

Sheath: CPE.

1.5 Technical parameters:

Operating voltage:5000 V

Test voltage: 20000 VAC, according to IEC TS 62100

Partial discharge level test: 5000 V, no partial discharge

Operation temperature:–40°C to + 85°C

Permissible short therm: + 250°C

Lowest ambient temperature:–60°C

Bending radius: Static installation > 12×outer

Special version upon request

Transversal waterproof version with aluminium tape

6 kV version

1×10 mm& RM version


Skydrol and hydrolysis resistant

Good behaviour in low ambient temperature

Halogen free:

Abrasion Resistant

Dimensions and Weights(CopperTape Shield)

ConstructionNo. of strandsOuterΦInsulation thicknessShielding materialConfiguration Shielding semiconductorWeight
No.x mm2

1x6 RM712.52.3copperlongitudinal194
1X8 AWG RM7132.5copperlongitudinal225

Electrical specifications

ConstructionConductor resistance at 20℃Shielding resistance at 20℃Operating capacity
No.x mm2Ω/kmΩ/kmµF/km
1X8 AWG RM≤2.10≤5.250.181